How To Take A Break And Gain A Fresh Perspective

May 25, 2023

Sometimes you need to clear your head in order to gain a fresh perspective on things.  Maybe you’re struggling with a difficult decision or a task that is just taking longer than it should.  Achieving your goals is not easy.  You’ll constantly encounter challenges and obstacles.  Sometimes you need to take a break, step away, gather your thoughts, and come back with a clear head to find a solution.  The answer was probably staring at you all along, but you were just too close to it to see.  Mental overload happens.  Especially when you’re feeling the pressure of working to achieve a goal that means so much to you.  Occasionally you need to hit the reset button and the answers will be revealed.  Here are five ways you can take a break to gain a fresh perspective on how to achieve your goal.


Do Something Different

Start by getting out of your normal daily routine.  Do something different and switch tasks.  Do something fun that’s not related to achieving your goal.  Let loose and allow your mind to focus on something else for a change.  Then, come back to the task you were struggling with later on.  You’ll find that your subconscious was still working on coming up with a solution to your challenge.  But, now you have clear mind and a fresh perspective to come up with a resolution.


Slow Down

Next, remove yourself from the daily hustle and grind.  Go for a walk outdoors to clear your mind.  Meditate, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and be in the silence.  Quiet your mind and allow your thoughts to slow down.  Your mind is trying to process too much all at once.  Especially with all the internal and external chatter battling for your attention.  Give yourself a much needed break to clear your thoughts.  You’ll then be able to listen for the solutions that were trying to get through, but rather couldn’t be heard over the noise of the constant loud daily chatter.


Your Why

Then, reconnect with your why.  Often times you get too caught up in doing the difficult work that you forget the real reason why you were working to achieve your goal to begin with.  You lose sight of the meaning and purpose behind what you were doing.  Reconnect to the deeper reason behind why this goal is so important to you.  Use that as fuel to help motivate you and give you that fresh perspective you’ve been searching for.


Release Negative Energy

Trying to overcome challenges and obstacles to achieve your goal can be really frustrating.  You become so overwhelmed and fed up.  You feel like nothing is working.  You’re ready to give up on your goal at this point.  But, you can’t let that happen.  This is why you must take a break.  Pause any goal related activities because you’re only building up more negative energy.  The more upset you become, the harder it will be to achieve your goal.  Take a break and release that built up negative energy.  Let it go!  It will be easier to achieve your goal when you’re operating from a more positive headspace.


Ask For Help

Lastly, if you’re still struggling, ask for help.  Look for someone who has gone before you and achieved something similar to ask for advice.  See what they did and use it to help you overcome your obstacles.  Research other resources such as videos, books, courses, or podcasts to assist you.  Ask someone you trust for guidance.  Sometimes you just need someone else’s perspective to get a new set of eyes on the situation.  Everyone gets stuck sometimes.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.



Gaining a fresh perspective can help you overcome obstacles and get you moving to achieve your goal again.  Sometimes you simply just need to take a break from the difficult task you’re working on.  Then, come back to it later when you’ve had time to gather your thoughts.  Clear your mind by going for a walk or sitting in silence.  Allow your mind to slow down so that new thoughts have time to be processed and heard.  Reconnect with why you’re working to achieve your goal and use it as motivation to keep going when you’re struggling.  Avoid getting too frustrated by taking a break to release any negative energy that’s built up.  Lastly, do not be afraid to ask for help.  Goals are often achieved with help.  Use these five tips to gain a fresh perspective so that you can achieve your goals and dreams in life.


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