How To Step Into Becoming Your Future Self

Aug 13, 2020

If you’re feeling stuck in your current situation, then there is one way that you can pull yourself out of that feeling.  That is, to think about the future you want to create.  More specifically, envision the person you have become in the future.  This is the future version of yourself that you were born to be on this planet.  Your future self is living life to the fullest without any regrets.  It’s who you are meant to be.  Here are five ways on how to step into becoming your future self.



Everything begins with your thoughts.  It’s time to let go of the negative thinking and focus on positive thoughts about your future.  Think about what thoughts your future self would have.  Imagine what exactly you would be thinking about in the future.  Currently, you might be concerned with little mundane worries that are consuming your thoughts right now.  However, your future self may have bigger thoughts and dreams for the future.  Start thinking more positive thoughts about your future so that you can bridge the gap between your current self and becoming your future self at a quicker pace.


Dream Big

The stars are the limit for your future self.  In the future, you are not playing small and stuck in your comfort zone.  You are stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new things.  You’re visualizing a big dream for your future that’s scary because it seems almost impossible.  But, you’re dreaming about it anyway because your future self knows that anything is possible.  Your future self believes that abundance flows easily to you and your success is inevitable.  Dream about what your life looks likes in the future.  Paint that picture and allow yourself to dream big so that you can step into becoming your future self.



Your future self feels differently than you do right now.  This is mostly because of the confidence your future self has built through the various experiences you’ve encountered over the years.  These experiences make you feel like you believe in yourself, you’re happy, and proud.  Your future self feels confident to stand tall with shoulders pulled back and head held high.  Tap into the feelings of your future self and work to incorporate those feelings into your current daily life. 



Fear does not stop your future self.  Your future self takes action even when the result is uncertain.  But, taking action is making progress.  It’s better than staying stuck where you currently are.  Even if you don’t receive the result you wanted, at least you learned a lesson in the process.  Your future self is not afraid to take action.  Make a list of things your future self would be doing and start doing those things today.



The best way to get in touch with your future self is to make a list of all of the characteristics your future self holds.  Visualize yourself in the future.  See yourself in all your glory.  Write down what your future self thinks, dreams, feels, and acts.  Then, compare your current self to your future self.  See how you measure up and what you need to work on.  Focus on becoming this more experienced version of you.  This is the person you were put on this planet to become.



Use these five ways on how to step into becoming your future self.  Envision yourself in the future and think about who you are.  Take the time to see what your future self thinks, dreams, feels, and acts.  Then, write down the characteristics that your future self holds.  Next, see how you measure up right now.  Take that information and start working on incorporating more of the characteristics your future self holds into your current daily life.  This is how you’ll seamlessly be able to step into becoming your future self.  You are meant to live the future dream life you’ve imagined.  Do not remain stuck and shy away from it.  More importantly, do not shy away from becoming your future self.  Your future self is amazing!  This is who you were born to be.  When you get to the end of life, you’ll know that you fully lived without any regrets because you’ve stepped into becoming your future self of who you were meant to be all along.


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