How To Quiet The Voice That Is Keeping You Stuck

Jun 24, 2021

It’s hard to get anything done when fear and self doubt creep in.  You feel unmotivated and stop taking action towards your goals and dreams in life.  Listening to that voice keeps you stuck where you currently are.  If you’re fed up with listening to the voice of fear and self doubt then it’s time to quiet it.  Here is how to quiet the voice that is holding you back from achieving your goals and living your dream life.


Self Doubt

One of thing biggest things that holds you back from going after your goals and dreams in life is self doubt.  Self doubt makes you question yourself and your actions.  That voice inside your head that gives you all the reasons why you should stay stuck and remain where you currently are.  That voice just wants to protect you and keep you safe.  But, it doesn’t necessarily know what’s best for you.  It just knows what’s familiar.  This is the voice of self doubt.



Fear is another big contributor to your keeping you stuck where you currently are.  You wonder about all the what if scenarios and usually immediately go to the worst case.  Of course, the worst case scenario rarely happens.  But, in fear’s mind, it believes it will happen and the dominoes begin to fall from there.


Fear Based Decisions

When you make decisions out of fear, you often have regrets.  You wish you would have been braver and listened to yourself instead of the voice of fear.  You must learn to listen for the voice of fear and ask yourself if this is fear talking when you’re trying to make a decision.


The Voice

Start listening for a loud, fast paced voice.  This is the voice of fear and self doubt.  It will often overpower your inner guidance to try and protect you.  Start noticing when you hear this voice and when it gets the loudest.  Usually, it’s right when you’re about to try something new and step outside your comfort zone.  Listen for the loud, fast paced voice that wants to protect you and then decide if what that voice is saying is truly the best course of action for you.


Quiet The Voice

Being brave and stepping outside your comfort zone can be difficult.  Especially when the voice of self doubt and fear are screaming at you.  But, you must learn to quiet that voice if you ever want to grow and expand from where you currently are.  Otherwise, you’ll just remain stuck exactly in the same place next year.  Sure, it may sound comfortable.  But, that is not a life fully lived.  You have more potential than that and you know it.  Make the decision to be brave in order to silence the voice that’s telling you all the reasons why you can’t and shouldn’t.  Trust and believe in yourself that you can do anything your heart desires.



Lastly, you’ll need some tools to help you quiet that voice.  Find a good playlist of inspirational and motivational music that’s upbeat.  Save it on your phone and use it to drown out the voice of fear and self doubt.  Turn on the tunes to start dancing and singing along.  Not only will the music give you confidence and get you back into your own thoughts, but moving your body will too.  Next, go for a walk and release the thoughts that are holding you back.  Thank them for trying to protect you but say you can take it from here.  Then, put pen to paper and write down your thoughts.  Once you get all the self doubt and fears written out on paper, you can visually see what you are up against.  Wad up the paper and throw it away.  You’ve seen what it’s trying to tell you, but you don’t have to believe that’s the only option for you.  Lastly, have some motivational audios and videos saved that you can play when you need that extra boost of self esteem.  This will help you remember that you have everything you need within you and can turn your dreams into reality.  Use these tools to help you conquer the voice that’s holding you back.



Quieting the voice that’s holding you back from achieving your goals is a constant battle.  You may think you’ve drowned it out only for it to rear its ugly head again.  But, the tools above will help you to take back control and reconnect with your inner guidance that will direct you on the right course of action.  Trust yourself and know that you can do anything you set your mind to.


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