How To Overcome Your Inner Resistance

Jul 15, 2021

Your inner resistance includes the fears, worries, and self doubts that are holding you back from living your dream life.  You have formed stories and beliefs as to why you cannot do certain tasks which is why you’ve been stuck in your comfort zone.  Your inner resistance is preventing you from living life to your full potential.  Here is how to overcome your inner resistance.


Current Self

Your current self craves familiarity.  You want to know exactly what to expect and what’s going to happen in the future.  This is why you are stuck in your daily mundane routine of doing what you’ve always done.  This comfort zone provides you with a sense of certainty and safety.  Your current self has this mentality that this is how you’ve always done things and it’s worked so far, so why change something that might put that at risk?  But, deep down you know that you want more for yourself and your future.


Future Self

When you think about your future you can see all the possibilities.  You’ve visualized yourself living an amazing future and through that, you’ve seen what is required of you in order to get there.  However, most of that visual is new and different.  It’s scary, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable because it’s outside of your current comfort zone.  It’s certainly not how you’ve done things in the past.  The noise of your inner resistance speaks up and says that you’re not sure if you really want to risk doing things that are different.  Different means uncertain and that puts up a fight with your current self who only wants the familiar.


Fighting Your Inner Resistance

Your inner resistance is causing your current self to fight with your future self.  Whenever you try to take action towards your future self and the life you want to live, your inner resistance pulls you back.  You’re fighting the future self of who you are meant to become and where you want to be in the future.  The truth is, you are wasting so much energy fighting yourself. 


Overcome Your Inner Resistance

When you finally overcome your inner resistance you can take a sigh of relief.  You’re no longer fighting yourself.  You’re allowing yourself to step into the future self you are truly meant to be.  You don’t let the noise of the inner resistance hold you back.  When you have an idea you take action on it immediately.  You listen to your future self and act from that place.  When you do this, your current self will have to overcome the inner resistance that’s been holding you back all this time.



Often times, your inner resistance becomes so loud that the fears, worries, and self doubts take over.  You second guess yourself and say that you don’t know the steps to take.  However, deep down you do.  When you overcome your inner resistance and listen to your future self, you will have a clear direction of your next action steps.  Act from the place of your future self.  Embrace the different, unknown, and unfamiliar in order to live the future life you’ve always imagined.


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