How To Overcome Fear And Achieve Your Goals This Year

Jan 23, 2020

A new year means new goals and unlimited possibilities.  However, one of the biggest things that can hold you back from going after your goals is fear.  The fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of doing it wrong, and most of all, fear of what other people will think.  How you overcome these fears isn’t an easy feat.  But, you can overcome your fears with these three steps to achieve your goals this year.


1. Create New Beliefs

The first step to overcoming your fears and achieving your goals is to realize that fear isn’t real.  Fear is made up in your mind.  It is said that fear is false evidence appearing real.  Take a look at the fears that you have and create new beliefs around them.  Your new beliefs could include, life is full of surprise and the unknown.  Or even, there is no failure but rather only lessons to learn.  Change your mindset around fear.  Eliminate the beliefs that are holding you back and tell yourself to believe something different.  Create new beliefs for yourself and put them on repeat!


2. Let Go

In order to achieve your goals you have to let go of the things holding you back.  This not only includes letting go of your limiting beliefs around your fears but also, negative criticism.  You will always run into people who don’t agree with what you’re doing.  Just remember why your goal is important to you and continue moving forward.  Realize that there wouldn’t be leaders in this world if they let negative criticism hold them back.  Believe in yourself and your goal.  Do not listen to the opinions of other people that influence you to remain where you are.  The fear of what other people think will keep you playing small and stuck where you currently are.  Let go of the fear and challenge yourself to do big things this year!


3. Take Action

Now that you’ve changed your beliefs and let go of your fears, you have to take action.  This means doing the things that scare you.  If you’re afraid of doing something you’ve never done before go into with the mindset that you’re going to make it familiar.  The easiest way to make something familiar is through practice.  Practice means doing an activity multiple times until you improve and it becomes comfortable for you.  Remember, no one is an expert the first time.  You weren’t born knowing how to walk or ride a bike.  Instead you practiced and made it familiar to where it’s easy for you now.  In order to take action on your goals you have to decide to make the things that scare you familiar.



Overcome your fears and achieve your goals this year by first creating new beliefs.  Then, challenge yourself to let go of your fears, limiting beliefs, and all the negative criticism.  Lastly, you have to take action and make the things that were once scary to you familiar.  Making something familiar requires practice.  Begin by expanding your comfort zone and trying new things.


Do not let anyone hold you back from going after you dreams.  The truth is, no one will believe in your dreams more than you will.  This year is yours for the taking.  Do not get to the end of the year and look back only to realize that you haven’t made any progress.  Or worse yet, you just repeated the same year over again.  Do bold things this year and go after your goals.  You are meant for greatness!


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