How To Not Be Afraid Of Picking A Direction In Life

May 18, 2023

Life doesn’t always unfold the way you would like it go.  Sometimes you encounter unforeseen obstacles and challenges that are put in your path.  You may get frustrated, angry, sad, or upset.  But, these challenges are only meant to teach you something.  Each challenge has been placed before you for a reason.  You’ve made to a point in your life where you can overcome this obstacle.  You have all the tools you need within you.  When you do, you’ll be so much stronger and have more confidence in yourself.  Here’s how to not be afraid of picking a direction in life so that you can achieve your goals and dreams.


Pick A Direction

Each step you take on your life path is moving you in a particular direction.  Each obstacle you encounter sends you off in a new direction.  Think about your past and how your life would look drastically different right now if you would have chosen another direction.  Choosing which direction to take can be extremely difficult.  You don’t want to choose the wrong direction or make the wrong decision.  This is why it’s easier to remain stuck in your comfort zone.  You know exactly what to expect without having to worry about a lot of surprises.  It’s when you step out into the unknown, that uncertainty arises.  But, in order for you to know if it really was the wrong choice, you first have to make the choice to find out.  Otherwise, you’ll never know and always wonder.  You’ll just remain where you currently are, never fully experiencing life.


Changing Directions

Envision a chess board and all the different moves you can make with your chess piece.  Eventually, you just have to pick a direction and go.  If it doesn’t work out, you can back track or make adjustments to move in another direction.  Another example is to think about a Roomba vacuum cleaner that hits a piece of furniture and sends it off in another direction.  This is like your life too.  But, now you have more knowledge and know that wasn’t the direction you needed to go.  You can pick another direction and gather more information on your life path.  Do not be afraid of making the wrong choice or a mistake because the alternative is just to remain where you are, never knowing what your full potential really is.


Making Progress

When you pick a direction in life, you start moving towards achieving your goals.  Then, a challenge or obstacle arises that blocks your path and diverts you in another direction.  When this happens, it will take you longer to achieve your goal.  That can be extremely frustrating but that’s life and unexpected challenges will occur.  It may not always feel like you’re making progress towards your goals.  That’s because you may need to back track or make some adjustments.  But, you’re still taking action and doing the work.  You’re learning and make modifications as you go.  Eventually, you’ll get to where you want to go.


Finding Meaning

You may question why a particular challenge is happening to you.  But, there is a meaning or reasoning behind each challenge.  It’s difficult to see the meaning while your deep in a challenge.  Your emotions are running high and you just want to get through it.  A challenge is a way to learn and grow.  You’re here for that reason.  When you’re faced with a challenge, know that you’re going through this for a reason, which may not be completely obvious right away.



You’re going to encounter obstacles and challenges that are placed in your path.  You’re going to have to find a way to make it through each one.  You’ll gain knowledge and expertise along the way.  You’ll make adjustments and change directions as you go.  At least you won’t be stuck exactly where you currently are, just wondering what’s waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone.  Go after your goals and dreams in life.  Do not be afraid of picking a direction because you’ll learn so much when you do!


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