How To Move Forward In Life

Oct 07, 2021

When you look in the mirror, think about what you see.  Maybe you see all the flaws and pick yourself apart.  Perhaps you see sadness and unhappiness from your lack of progress towards achieving your goals.  Your past regrets, mistakes, and things that happened to you bubble up.  You may feel unworthy and lack confidence.  In fact, you might not even be able to look yourself in the eye due to the shame and guilt you feel.  But, your past does not define you.  It’s what you do right now that determines your future.  Here are four questions to help you move forward so that you can achieve your goals and live your dream life.


What Are You Hiding From?

Start by asking yourself what you’re hiding from.  It could be something that happened in the past that you’re embarrassed about that you’re avoiding.  Or, perhaps it’s something you feel guilty over that you’ve been pushing down.  Identify what is that you’re trying to hide from that’s stopping you from moving forward and achieving your goals.  Your subconscious knows that it’s there and it’s only causing you emotional turmoil.  It’s time to bless and release that underlying stress from your life.  Yes, it happened and that cannot be changed.  However, dwelling on your past is only holding you back.  These occurrences happen to challenge you and make you stronger.  Stop hiding and begin moving forward to achieve the things you want in your life.


What Can You Learn?

Next, ask yourself what you can learn from this.  Hopefully, it’s that you’re strong, powerful, and can withstand anything.  Take what you can and use it to become better and improve.  Opportunities to learn and grow can be tough because you’re pushed outside your comfort zone.  But, whatever has been preventing you from taking action on your goals can be of value by teaching you something.  Look for anything you can learn that will help you to move forward in the future.


Who Do You Need To Forgive?

Then, one of the hardest things you need to do is the act of forgiveness.  Whether it’s forgiving someone else or even yourself, it can be difficult.  Your brain often comes up with all the reasons why you shouldn’t.  But, forgiveness is the only way you’re going to let go and allow yourself to move forward.  Figure out what you’ve been holding on to that’s been preventing you from taking action on your goals.  Commit to forgiveness in order to move forward in your life.


What Are Your Next Action Steps?

Lastly, figure out what your next action steps are.  If you want to move forward in life, you’re going to have to begin by taking action towards creating the life you want.  Start out small and choose a few little actions you can take that will move you closer to your goals.  Setting yourself up for a quick win will show you progress and results that will get you motivated to keep on going.



Now, what do you see when you look in the mirror?  The truth is, you get to choose who you see in the mirror.  You can see all the flaws and mistakes.  Or, you can see a warrior, someone who is strong, passionate, and can do anything.  That means especially achieve your goals!  You are truly worthy of living an amazing life.  Don’t hold yourself back from achieving your goals and living out your dreams.  Choose to move forward.  Take the time to really look yourself in the mirror instead of shying away from what you see.  Analyze and take a deeper look at what’s really holding you back from moving forward.  Remember, you are here for a reason and you are enough exactly the way you are.  Believe that when you look in the mirror with confidence to take on the world and move forward to achieve your goals.


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