How To Make The Unfamiliar Familiar

Feb 27, 2020

It’s difficult to take action on your goals when you’re afraid, petrified, and full of self doubt.  You may be telling yourself that this goal is impossible or envision it being a complete and utter failure if you even give it a try.  This is only holding you back.


The truth is, you are in control of two things.  The first being the thoughts you say to yourself and the second being what you visualize in your mind.  If you’re stating all the negative thoughts and believing all the worst case scenario images, then you will never achieve anything in life.  You will remain in your comfort zone of what is familiar.


It is human nature to be in our comfort zone of what is familiar and steer clear of what is unfamiliar and outside of our comfort zone.  However, you can expand your comfort zone and make what is unfamiliar familiar.



At one point you didn’t know how to ride a bike, you disliked broccoli, okay you may still hate broccoli, but these things were once unfamiliar to you.  Now you know how to ride a bike and you can easily pick out broccoli from the other vegetables.  These things are now familiar to you.  They have been added to your comfort zone because they’ve been proven safe.  A little broccoli isn’t going to kill you.  Learn to make what is unfamiliar familiar.


How To Make Anything Familiar

Your mind does what it thinks you want.  If it thinks you’re scared and something is going to harm you because it’s unfamiliar, then it tells you to run back to what’s familiar.  The key is to learn how to make something that is unfamiliar, familiar.  The way you do this is to simply state that you are choosing to make this familiar.  You are essentially telling your mind what you want.  You are choosing to exercise instead of sitting on the couch.  You are choosing to eat this salad instead of a hamburger.  When you tell your mind that you’re choosing to do this then you’re telling your mind that you want this.


Power Of Your Mind

Your mind listens to what you tell it.  The thoughts and visuals you give your mind create your reality.  If you tell your mind you’re choosing to like this or love this, then your mind will move towards it.  However, if you tell your mind that it’s not as good as what you’re already familiar with, it will move away from it and back to what’s familiar.  Your mind believes what you tell it.


Use Positive Reinforcement

Make something unfamiliar familiar by giving yourself praise.  Tell yourself this is what you want.  You must do hard things in life in order to achieve success.  This includes doing things that are scary and unfamiliar.  It means putting yourself out there and trying new things that you’ve never done before.  Avoid criticizing yourself with negative disbelieving thoughts that cause you to fall back into your comfort zone of what is already familiar.  Use positive reinforcement to remind yourself that you’re on the right track.




You have the power to make what is unfamiliar familiar.  It’s simply telling yourself that you’re going to make it familiar.  That thought, coupled with an image of you successfully conquering your fears of the unfamiliar will make the process easier.  Your mind won’t fight to keep you in your comfort zone of what’s familiar when you tell it you’re choosing to do this.  Your mind will realize this is what you want and help you to take action towards it.  Don’t remain in your comfort zone of what is familiar.  Choose to make the unfamiliar familiar.


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