How To Make The Right Decision

Oct 24, 2019

You may struggle with making decisions.  This could be because you wonder if there is something better out there for you or perhaps you’re just not sure which direction to go.  The opportunity in front of you may feel heavy and the decision is weighing on you.


Making a decision can be quite the commitment.  Everything may look good on paper but something is causing you to hesitate on your decision.  Here is a quick five step process to help you make the right decision.


1. Get Present

First, you have to be in the right frame of mind.  Stop what you’re doing and take a minute to settle into stillness.  Sit in the quiet silence and get present in the moment.  Then tune into yourself and listen for your inner voice.


2. Ask This Question

Ask yourself, will this opportunity cause my life to grow?


Be present to what comes up for you.  Think about your immediate response.  Notice if you feel a sense of excitement and happiness.  If you feel a sense of sickness and a pull inward like you want to curl up in a ball to hide then dig deeper. 


Even if something is scary because you’ve never done it before you can still feel a sense of nervous excitement.  This is when you’re a bit afraid to go for it but yet you have this desire to still give it a shot.  These are the opportunities for you to grow and expand your comfort zone.


3. Inner Physiology

Pay attention to your inner physiology.  Think of this in terms of your life growing and expanding or closing and contracting inward.


If your body shies away, you feel a sense of dread, and anxiety then acknowledge those feelings.  More physical responses to pay close attention to are when your stomach drops, your shoulders hunch over, your head unconsciously shakes no, and your body moves backward.  These are all important signs that your inner voice is saying no.  Most likely for good reason!


On the other hand, your body may feel a sense of joy and delight.  Physically your body is dancing with excitement.  The anticipation is building in a positive way.  These are indications that your inner voice is on board and you should go for it.


4. Trust Your Instincts

Trust your instincts when it comes to making a decision.  Even if it’s terrifying and you’ve never done it before.


When an opportunity presents itself and there seems to be so many advantages to going for it, yet you have this funny feeling that you should actually pass on the opportunity, trust your instincts.  Your inner guidance system is your path making the right decision that will ultimately lead to your happiness.


5. Don’t Give Into Fear

Everyone feels fear.  It’s natural.  But know when it’s fear that’s holding you back from making a decision.


Recognize when it is fear talking.  This often comes up when your ego says do it anyway but something in the back of your mind is saying don’t do it.  You may think you would be crazy to miss out on this incredible opportunity that quite possibly might never present itself again.  Yet, it’s the fear of missing out and being faced with regret that’s causing you to reexamine your decision.  Go back to your question and ask yourself if your life will grow.  If the answer is yes, then find a way to go for it.  If not, know there will other, better, more fitting opportunities in the future.



When you are struggling with a decision and are wondering what you should do, the first thing to do is to stop and get present.  Next, ask yourself if your life will grow and expand by doing it.  Then pay attention to your inner physiological response.  If you’re dancing around with excitement then go for it.  If you want to curl up in a ball and hide then this probably isn’t the right opportunity for you at this time.  Tap into your intuition and trust it.  Something may be nagging at that this is the wrong decision even if it seems like a fantastic opportunity.  Lastly, recognize if it’s just fear that’s holding you back.  Use this five step process to help you make the right decision.


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