How To Limit Distractions In Order To Achieve Your Goals

Apr 01, 2021

One of the biggest things that you holds you back from achieving your goals is distractions.  Whether that’s other people, your phone, tv, etc.  With so many distractions it’s hard to stay focused on what you want to achieve.  Distractions are everywhere!  It’s so important to learn how to limit the distractions in your life if you want to get anything done.  Here is how you can limit distractions so that you can stay focused and achieve your goals.


Do Not Disturb Time

When you’re working on your goals and someone interrupts you, it can be extremely difficult to get back into the flow of things.  Often you find yourself thinking where was I and what was I doing?  This is why it’s important to let other people know when you’ve set aside specific time to work on your goals.  Let other people know that this certain time is dedicated to getting your work done and you do not want to be disturbed.  Then convey, that after this time is done, you’re more than happy to socialize and spend time with them.  Leave out a do not disturb sign to protect the time you’ve set aside to work on your goals without distractions.


Person Distraction

If your specific time does get interrupted by another person, say give me a minute.  This will give you a moment to make notes on what you’re currently working on so that it’s easier for you to pick up right where you left off.  Or even better, say can we talk about this in ten minutes when your time block is done.  Communicate with people instead of getting frustrated about getting distracted.  People will learn to respect the time you’ve set aside to work on your goals when they know how important it is to you to be left alone without distractions.


Phone Distraction

Your phone is probably the one biggest distraction of all.  There are a few things you can do to help you limit distractions on your phone.  The first is to simply leave your phone in another room while you work.  Then you won’t be pulled to pick it up and fall down that rabbit hole of distraction.  Another option is to put your phone on airplane mode so it won’t ping you with distractions.  The last extreme is to simply delete all social media apps so that temptation is completely gone.  Find what works best for you.  But, realize that your phone is one of life’s biggest distractions.


Procrastination Distraction

Besides, getting lost endlessly scrolling on your phone’s social media apps, you could be watching tv, or doing any other thing besides working on your goals.  It’s easier to procrastinate and zone out than to work on your goals.  Yet, all of these distractions become a complete time suck.  The next thing you know, you look at the clock and hours have passed.  Then you wonder where all the time went and you’re nowhere closer to achieving your goals.  Limit these other distractions by prioritizing your time and do the most important tasks that will move you close to your goals first thing.  Once you get these done, then you can reward yourself with social media or tv time.  Make sure you catch yourself if you notice you’re procrastinating.  When that happens, get up and shift your focus to a task that moves you closer to your goals.  Procrastination is only a distraction that’s preventing you from achieving your goals.



In order to successfully achieve your goals, you have to limit distractions.  Distractions throw you off task and it can be nearly impossible to get back into the flow of things.  Especially if you’re in a groove.  Limit distractions by setting aside a specific block of time in your schedule that is uninterrupted where you can focus solely on doing work that will move you closer to your goals.  Share how important this time with friends and family so they know not to disturb you.  Then, remove any distractions caused by your phone.  Notice when you’re procrastinating and refocus your efforts on doing tasks that move you closer to your goals.  The key is limit distractions so that you can finally achieve your goals.


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