How To Let Go Of Worrying

Jun 17, 2021

Worrying about the future can consume your thoughts and energy.  You play out all the different scenarios in your mind and worry about each one of them coming to fruition.  But, this is not beneficial to you.  In fact, it’s rather draining and leaves you in negative state of mind.  It’s almost like you’re in fight or flight mode while you are waiting for something bad you foresee to happen.  Living life from this place will only do you more harm than good.  That’s why it’s important to learn how to let go of worrying.



Worry is a feeling that doesn’t have much benefit.   Think about the last time you worried about something and what that did for you.  Usually nothing.  It only leaves you feeling sad, full of fear and anxious about the future.  This is not the place you want to be.  You want to be happy and full of excitement for the amazing things to come in your future.  Not held back by worrying about all the possible what if scenarios of things going a different direction than you had imagined.


Worst Case Scenario

Your mind believes that if you worry about something enough that perhaps you can change the outcome.  Or that you can better prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.  Allow yourself to worry for a brief moment.  Play out that worst case scenario in your head once and then determine how you would respond.  There, now you’ve seen the worst but you don’t have to dwell on it repeatedly and believe the worst.  Remember that the worst case scenario rarely happens.  Even though your mind tends to think it will happen.  Stop dwelling on worrying about the worst case scenario that very rarely happens.



Let go of worrying about the fears for the future because you cannot control what happens.  Focus on controlling what you can.  You can control what you eat, your exercise, and the current actions you take.  You are also in control over your thoughts.  Yes!  You are the thinker of your thoughts.  So, you can control whether you decide to remain stuck in the worry cycle or choose to pull yourself out of the repetition and think better thoughts.  Focus on what you can control and stop worrying about what you can’t.


Your Focus

What you focus on persists and you only breed more of that.  If you only focus on worrying about the future and what will happen, it will consume you.  Your focus needs to be elsewhere.  Choose to focus on the positive and the outcome you truly desire.  Where you put your attention is what becomes your reality.  So, focus on the things you do want.  Not the things you don’t want.


Trust & Believe

You stop worrying when you tell yourself to trust that the universe is working in your favor.  You may not see it now but trust that things are happening for you and to your benefit.  Similarly, if you’re struggling with a difficult decision and are worried that you’ll make the wrong choice, then you must believe that your success is inevitable.  Believe that no matter which direction you go, your success will happen.  It may not happen as quickly or easily as you had hoped, but believe that you will succeed.  Trust that things will work out for you and believe that your success is inevitable.



Learn to not let worry consume you.  Yes, it can be difficult and you can easily get wrapped up in the repetitious thoughts of the worst case scenario.  But, those thoughts do not serve you.  Focus on what you can control in your life, not what you can’t.  Next, focus on the things you do want to bring more of into your life because what you focus on becomes your reality.  Lastly, trust that things will work out in your favor and believe that your success is inevitable.  Learn to let go of your worries so that they won’t consume you.  Only when you allow yourself to do so, will you step into living life to your full potential and truly start living the life of your dreams.


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