How To Know If You Have Set The Right Goal

Jun 25, 2020

Each time you set a goal you may be wondering if this is the right goal for you.  You don’t want to set the wrong goal and waste your time.  Use the following five steps to assess if you’ve set the right goal.


1. Easy

Don’t set a goal that feels easy.  If you know you can effortlessly achieve the goal then that’s not the right goal.  One process you may want to incorporate is to set three goals.  Start with the easy goal, next pick a middle of the road goal, and then dream big with the impossible goal.  This will keep you from feeling disappointed if you only end up reaching your middle goal.  But, it will also push you to work hard because you’re trying to reach your impossible goal.  Try this new approach the next time you set a goal and see how it works for you.


2. Challenging

Make sure your goal is challenging.  This means your goal needs to require a little extra effort.  You should have to do some things temporarily that you wouldn’t ordinarily do in order to achieve the goal you’ve set.  This could be by reducing time watching tv or going out because you’re focused on doing the hard work necessary to achieve your goal.  But, realize this is only temporary and an important step that will help you reach your goal.  The sacrifices you make in the short term are essential to achieving a goal that is challenging.


3. Scary

Your goal should also be a bit scary.  Mostly because this is something you have never done before.  Your goal should push you out of your comfort zone to try new things.  Anything new is scary at first.  You have to do things you’ve never done before in order to achieve your goal.  Otherwise, you would have already achieved it.


4. Exciting

Your goal should excite you.  You should be super excited about your goal and the thought of finally achieving it.  Visualize achieving your goal and what that will mean to you.  Feel the feelings you will have when think about the moment when you’ve achieved your goal.  Hold on to that excitement and use it as motivation to keep working towards your goal.


5. Take Action

Knowing if you’ve picked the right goal can be difficult.  The best way to know if you’ve picked the right goal is start taking action and begin making progress.  If you remain stuck and avoid choosing a goal, then you will never see any results.  Always remember that you can make adjustments and changes along the way.  The path to successfully achieving your goal is not a straight line.  It is full of twists, turns, setbacks, and hurdles.  But, you must keep taking action.  That is the only way you will truly know if you’ve set the right goal.



Setting the right goal means that it doesn’t feel easy.  Your goal should challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone to where it scares you a little bit.  Most of all, your goal should excite you and inspire you to take action.  A goal you're excited about will keep you motivated.  Get excited about achieving your goal and don’t worry about making sure that you’ve set the right one.  You can always make improvements as needed.  It’s all a learning process.  There are no disappointments, only opportunities to learn and grow.  The truth is, the only way you’ll know for certain if you’ve set the right goal is to start taking action and make adjustments as you go.


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