How To Get Out Of A Negative Funk

Sep 16, 2021

Sometimes you can get sucked in to the negativity of the world.  Your negative thoughts lead you to feeling unhappy, stuck in your daily mundane routine of life, and unmotivated to do much of anything.  Let alone, take action on your goals.  It’s time to get yourself out of the negative funk by incorporating more things into your life that make you feel good.


Acknowledge The Negative Funk

In order to pull yourself out a negative funk, you first have to acknowledge that you’re in one to begin with.  Recognize your negative thoughts and how you feel.  Your thoughts determine your feelings, which in turn determine your actions.  If you’re not thinking and feeling good, then you’ll be unmotivated to take action on your goals.  You may find it’s beneficial to journal about your thoughts and feelings to fully understand your current state of mind.  Provided you’ve acknowledged you’re in a negative funk, you must then decide to make a change.  Make the conscious decision to choose to find things that will make you feel good again to get out of the negative funk.


Healthy Food

One of the easiest things you can do to feel good is to feed your body healthy food.  When you fuel your body with good food, you’ll feel better by having more energy to take action on your goals.  Take the time to do some meal planning to ensure that you have healthy meals on hand.  Choose nutritious foods that will nourish you.  Try easy overnight oat recipes or green smoothies for breakfast.  Have a salad or soup and a sandwich for lunch.  For dinner, include a protein and plenty of greens.  Fill your plate with healthy food that will make you feel good.



The next way you can get yourself out a negative funk, is to exercise.  This can be a walk outdoors, pressing play on a workout DVD, or streaming an exercise video on an app.  Get your body into motion.  When you move your body, you’ll start to feel better because you know that you’re doing something good for yourself.  When you feel better, you do better.  Putting that extra pep in your step will give you the motivation to take action on the tasks that will move you closer to achieving your goals.



Subsequently, take a look around at who you are surrounding yourself with.  If you are spending your time with negative people who are constantly complaining and not doing anything to change it, then you need remove yourself from that situation.  Stop feeding your mind negativity.  Limit your time with people who speak negatively or make you feel bad.  Focus on spending time with those that light you up while encouraging you to go after your goals and dreams in life.


Self Care

Lastly, get out of a negative funk with self care.  Give yourself the opportunity to press the reset button by giving yourself the time and space to clear your mind.  Sit in silence, relax, meditate, and truly enjoy the down time.  Tune into your body and how you are feeling.  Listen to your body and know when you need to focus on self care.  This time will allow you to recharge and release the negativity that’s been holding you back so that you can hit the ground running to achieve your goals.



The biggest thing here is to start feeling good about yourself.  Life is too short to remain in a negative headspace.  This negativity will only keep you stuck in your current situation, leave you feeling in a bad mood, and prevent you from making progress towards your goals.  When you feel bad, you don’t take action towards doing the things that matter and move you closer to your goals.  Make a conscious effort to always find ways to pull yourself back to positivity.  Create a list of things you can do that will make you feel good and inspire you to live the life you’ve always imagined.


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