How To Get Back To Working Towards Your Goals

Mar 18, 2021

If you’ve hit a road block when it comes to achieving your goals then you’re not alone.  It happens so often!  But you can’t let that stop you from achieving what you want in life.  Here is how you can get back to working towards you goal so that you can finally achieve it!



Start by asking yourself why you’re not taking action towards your goal.  A feeling should come up for you that’s causing you to put off working towards your goal.  It could be that the goal feels too overwhelming, you don’t know how to get there, or fear is taking over.  All of these are legitimate reasons that prevent you from achieving your goal.  But, you cannot let them win.  Acknowledge what feeling is coming up for you and then journal about why you feel that way.  Recognizing what’s causing you to stop taking action towards your goal is the first step in getting back on track.


Notice Procrastination

Instead of working on your goals, you might find yourself distracted and procrastinating by scrolling on social media or choosing to watch tv.  This is because those outlets are easier to spend time on rather than doing the hard work required to achieve your goals.  Notice when this is happening for you.  Catch yourself when you’re in destination procrastination and bring yourself back to working towards your goal.


Next Step

Sometimes your goal can seem overwhelming and that’s what causes you to procrastinate.  That’s why it’s important to break down your goals into smaller tasks.  Your list may feel overwhelming but choose the one next step you can to take right now.  You may not be sure where to even begin but that’s okay.  Don’t stress about if it’s the right step to take.  Just choose one and complete it.  By doing one thing each day to move you closer to your goals, you’ll start to gain momentum.  This is progress.  Buildings weren’t built in a day.  It’s built one block at a time.  Take one step at a time and simply commit to doing one thing each day that will move you closer towards your goals.



The journey to success often seems difficult when you’re only looking at the big picture of the goal you want to achieve.  You’re probably wondering how will you ever get there.  Let go of the how for now.  A perfectly planned road map of how to get there is impossible.  Focus on the journey and taking the next step.  The path is usually winding and not a short straight line to success.  Enjoy the journey as you learn and grow each step of the way.


Take Action

Fear is one of the biggest reasons that stops you from taking action towards your goals.  In order to push past fear you need to take action.  Stop preventing yourself from working on your goals by focusing on taking the next step.  Get out of your head about all the reasons why you can’t take action and just start.  Through action you’ll gain clarity.  Each step you take will get you closer towards your goals.  This momentum will allow you to make progress.  Allow yourself to out of your own way by taking action.



In order to get back to working towards your goal you first need to acknowledge the feeling that’s causing you to stop making progress.  Catch yourself if you’re procrastinating and pull yourself back to tasks that will move you closer towards your goals.  Focus on taking just the next step.  Enjoy the journey as it won’t be clearly laid out in front of you and push yourself to take action.  This how you will get back on track to working towards your goal.


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