How To Find The Right Mentor

Sep 02, 2021

Mentors can be extremely helpful when it comes to achieving your goals.   They can give you guidance and advice on your next action steps.  However, it’s important to find the right mentor for you.  One that encourages you to take action and helps you to believe in your ability to achieve the goal that you’re working towards.


Experienced Mentor

A lot of times, your mentor has many more years of experience and much more support staff.  In fact, your mentor may have a team that helps them.  Or if they are solo, they’ve just perfected the method to where they can complete tasks quickly.  Either way, your mentor may feel miles ahead and far from where you currently are in your goal journey.  The important part is to not let this discourage you.



Seeing a mentor many miles ahead is often the point where you start getting in your own head about who are you to try and achieve something like this.  You’ve seen a mentor already achieve it, so you begin to think who are you to do something similar.  If you can’t complete the tasks to the level that they would, then you begin to think, why even try.  You start feeling disheartened and unmotivated as a result.  This mentality only keeps you stuck where you currently are and you stop taking action towards achieving your goals.  This is why it’s so important to find the right mentor for you.


Right Mentor

Your mentor should be someone who encourages you to take action.  You don’t have to get it right and have it all figured out.  You just have to get going.  The process to achieving your goals is not a straight line.  There will be ups and downs and things that you must figure out along the way.  There will be mistakes and missteps but that’s all a part of the journey to achieving your goals.  Success happens through trial and error.  Finding a mentor who encourages you to be brave and take messy action is a true mentor who will help you to achieve your goals.  This kind of support is what you need to hear.  You need less comparison and how everything must be perfect before you get started.  Take a look at your next action steps and start right there. 


Not Always Easy

The right mentor will want to help you succeed.  Especially when times get tough.  They look at things with an abundance mindset and are not afraid to share their answers with you.  They share what worked and what didn't.  They don’t try and hide the fact that it’s hard work and not always easy to achieve your goals.  The right mentor has integrity, girt, and is honest about the amount of effort it takes to achieve a goal like this.  They know the process to achieving your goals is not an easy one.


Behind The Scenes

The best part is when your mentor is authentically real and shows you behind the scenes.  They don’t try and be perfect.  They admit their own mistakes and failures because they know that's a part of the process.  They encourage you to do the same and be yourself.  This relieves so much pressure on trying to get it all right and perfect.  You just have to take messy action.  The right mentor will show you the behind the scenes of the good and bad of the successes and failures along the way.



Finding the right mentor is so important when you’re trying to achieve your goals.  If you follow someone who you constantly compare yourself to, you’re going to feel disheartened and stop making progress towards your goals.  Instead, find a mentor who encourages you to believe in yourself and motivates you to daily take action towards your goals.  The right mentor will come from an abundance mindset and isn’t afraid to share their knowledge.  They authentically show personal behind the scenes of what worked and what didn’t without fear of how they will appear.  This encourages you to do the same and continually take action towards your goals without fearing how you will look if it doesn't work out.  Success comes with trial and error.  Find a mentor that supports that mindset.


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