How To Create Happiness In Your Day

Oct 01, 2020

Life feels good when you’re happy.  In order to create happiness in your day, it’s important to set aside specific time dedicated to doing things that will promote positivity and happiness in your life.  This means scheduling and planning out activities that make you happy throughout the day.  Your day should have a few elements carved into your schedule that focus on positivity and happiness.  Here are three elements you should include to create happiness in your day.


Down Time

First, schedule in some down time for yourself.  You need your own space to get away, escape, and relax.  This helps you reduce stress and gives you essential time to recharge.  This is time you’ve designated for a mental reset so that you can get your mind back into a positive state.  Use this time to let go of anything bothering you, stressing you out, or causing negative thoughts.  This time is meant for pure relaxation.  Sit in silence, meditate, take a nap, close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on your breathing, etc.  Plan down time into your schedule each day so that you can feel recharged, refreshed, and happier in your day.


Social Time

Next, you are a social creature.  Social interaction is important to your overall well being.  Yet, who you choose to spend your time with will impact your overall happiness.  If you hang out with negative people, then you’ll be focused on all the negativity, problems, complaints, and everything else that’s wrong in the world.  This can easily drain what positive energy you have.  Avoid scheduling time with people leave you feeling down and depleted of energy.  Instead, choose to interact with people who are encouraging, positive, and lift you up.  You’ll feel happy, excited, and full of energy when you surround yourself with the right people.  Schedule time to catch up friends or family.  This can be by phone, email, in person, or simply write them a handwritten letter and mail it.  Be social and plan for it.  Connecting with people who make you laugh and listen to you while providing encouragement will increase your happiness.


Pure Fun

Lastly, give yourself something to look forward to each day.  Do things that are fun.  These things won’t magically appear on your calendar.  They won’t happen unless you plan for them.  You must create your own fun and schedule it.  Do things that make you smile, laugh, and giggle.  Create lasting memories and do things that you enjoy.  It could be painting, singing, dancing, getting outdoors, or another hobby you truly love.  Maybe you even want to try something new that you’ve never done before.  Rarely are things easy the first time you try them.  But, it’s so powerful if you can have fun and laugh at yourself as you learn a new skill.  Schedule in time for pure fun so that you’ll feel happier and more alive.



All three of these elements will give you a positive outlook and make you feel happier.  You need down time to rest, relax, and recharge.  This allows you to be your best self.  Sometimes you just need to press that reset button and down time is the perfect way to do so.  Next, schedule in social time to surround yourself with positive people who are uplifting, inspiring, and motivating.  Some of the happiness memories are from conversations with these select positive people.  Then, don’t forget to schedule in things that make you smile, laugh, and have fun.  These three elements will keep you happy and in a positive headspace.  Make sure you schedule them daily.  When you put a focus on creating happiness in your day, then you’ll see your happiness increase exponentially.


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