How To Create A Motivation Vision Board

Jan 28, 2021

Often times when you create a vision board it’s about the end result.  It’s getting the fancy car or dream house.  But, that’s not always very motivating.


For instance, if you have a vision board with six pack abs and then look in the mirror at yourself with no abs, you most likely feel unmotivated.  Six pack abs may feel almost impossible even after all the hard work you’ve but in by eating healthy and exercising.  You’re not seeing immediate results and that may cause you to give up and throw in the towel.  This is why you should create a motivation vision board instead.


Rather than creating a vision board about the end result, make a motivation vision board that includes who you need to be and what action steps you need to take in order to achieve the desired end result.  Here are four things you need to include on your motivation vision board.


Future You

The first step in creating your motivation vision board is to get really clear on who you need to be in order to achieve your goals.  Think about the characteristic traits that your future self would embody when you’ve achieved your goals.  This could be confidence, determined, committed, etc.  Include these words on your motivation vision board.  These words are how you should feel each day in order to achieve your goals.



Next, your motivation vision board should include the actions you need to be taking in order to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.  Find verbs as action items for your motivation vision board.  For example, someone running in the rain, an image of lifting weights with sweat dripping, or pictures of food prepping for meal planning.  This is the hard work you’ll need to be doing in order achieve your goals.  Life will get hard and you’ll feel like giving up.  However, when you look at your motivation vision board, the photos will remind you to keep going and do the work.  These are the action steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal.



Think about the habits you need have on a daily basis that will help you achieve your goals.  This could be waking up earlier, exercising, drinking more water, using your planner, etc.  Include images of the habits that you need to stick to in order to achieve your goals.  These habits may seem mundane and boring but being consistent and sticking to these habits are what’s going to allow you to achieve your goals in the long run.  Put habits on your motivation vision board as a reminder of what commitments you’re sticking to each day that will help you achieve your goals.



Lastly, consider what values you would like to have in your life.  This is your why behind achieving your goal.  It’s what it will mean to you when you’ve finally achieved your goal.  Examples include, financial stability, freedom to travel, more time with family and friends, etc.  Think about things that are important to you and your mental well being.  Come up with things that light you up and make you happy.  At the end of the day, decide what matters most to you in your life.  This is your reason why you’re going after these goals in the first place.  You need to be seeing that reminder to stay motivated so that you keep taking action on achieving your goals.



Your motivation vision board will act as a reminder of how you need to be showing up in life in order to achieve your goals.  It will include the things you need to be doing in order to step into the future version of yourself that you need to be in order to achieve your goals.  It will encourage you and motivate you to take action even when you don’t want to.  It will constantly remind you of what you need to be doing on a daily basis.  Plus, it will hone in on the powerful reason why this goal is important to you.  Your future is so bright.  But, when you harness the power of your future self to create a motivation vision board, the world will become limitless with what you’re able to achieve.


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