How To Craft Your Dream Letter

Jan 07, 2021

Statistics show that you’re more likely to achieve your goals and dreams when you write them down.  Speak your goals and dreams into existence by putting them down on paper.  A fun way to do this is through a dream letter.  Here is how to craft your dream letter.


Begin Dreaming

In order to get yourself in the right head space, begin by spending part of the day dreaming and goal setting.  Envision what you want this year to look like.  Take time to visualize the future.  See yourself at the end of this year and what you've made happen.


The Letter

Grab a few pieces of paper and craft a letter to yourself as if it is New Year's Eve and you’re looking back on the year.  Start by writing down what you accomplished.



Next, include how achieving those goals made you feel.  Perhaps that’s excited and proud as you knew you could do it!  Get really energized about that feeling of successfully achieving your goals.  This will help to manifest that powerful belief in yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.


What You Did

Then, write down what you had to do in order to achieve those goals and dreams.  This could be staying consistent and creating a form of accountability.  Having accountability ensured that you showed up for yourself and your goals.


Words of Advice

Add any words of advice you’d give yourself.  Possibly, that is to worry less and know that it will all work out in your favor.  To know that when it gets hard, just to have faith, trust, and believe.  Write about how you’ve got so much good going for you and you’ll see that you accomplished a lot this year.


What You Let Go Of

Consider what you had to let go of in order to achieve your goals and dreams.  Perhaps that’s stopping the negative voices in your head from holding you back.  Letting go of all the doubts, worries, frustrations, limiting beliefs, and negativity.  Write down what you let go of that allows you step into the ideal version of yourself that achieves your goals and dreams this year.


Who You Had To Become

Now, this is the most important part, write down who you had to become in order to achieve your goals and dreams.  Perhaps that’s brave, courageous, driven, etc.  Think about what inner power you needed to harness to turn your goals and dreams into reality.  This inner power is the belief that you must hold onto when times get tough and you feel like giving up.


Belief Mantra

Lastly, come up with a mantra that you can use to tap into that strong belief.  You could use, I welcome success into my life with open arms.  Or success and abundance flows to me.  Even, I know that my dreams are a done deal.  Create a mantra for yourself that intensifies your belief.  Really connect with this feeling of believing in yourself and that your success is inevitable.  Try and magnify those feelings with your belief mantra.



This dream letter is powerful stuff!  Seal the envelope and address it to yourself with instructions to open it on New Year’s Eve.  It will be fun to be able to look back and see what you made happen.  Also, if you took your own advice and finally went after those goals and dreams that have been hanging on your heart for so long.  Hopefully you let go of what you needed to and embraced your inner power so that you achieved your goals and dreams.  Have fun with this as you speak your desires into existence and manifest your amazing future!


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