How To Be A Leader

Oct 25, 2018

Growing up we try and fit in.  We want the nice clothes and the newest toys.  We want to be liked by others and accepted into the group of cool kids.


Even today we don’t want to feel left out of the crowd.  Today they call it FOMO, or fear of missing out.  We see someone else doing something fun and we desire the same.  We want to feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves.


However, this desire to fit in just makes us a follower.  We’re not blazing the path of the future and setting trends.  A true leader takes a stand for what they believe in and grows a following of raving fans.  They have a message they want to share with the world.


Leaders are put in the spotlight to showcase their powerful message.  They become public figures that people look up to and idolize.  They build a group of followers who admire them and what they are doing.  The message they are sharing gains support by stirring a passion in people.


Speaking up and sharing a message publicly can be difficult in itself.  Leaders share this part of themselves unapologetically.  They courageously put themselves out there, fear and all, braving the ridicule, criticism, and judgement.


It can be a scary to be so vulnerable.  But, that’s what leaders do.  Leaders act as though they are secure and confident in themselves.  They may still feel nervous but they show up anyway.  They embrace their fear because they are fired up about message they are sharing.  Leaders know that if their voice remains quiet, their message will never be heard.


Being a leader is not something you’re born with but a skill that can strengthen over time.  Each time there is a chance to courageously voice an opinion or thought, this opportunity can be used to strengthen the leadership muscle within us.  Taking action to immediately guide others through uncharted territory instead of remaining silent in the background can undoubtedly develop a stand out leader.


We can all be leaders instead of falling into the crowd of followers.  It simply takes an act of courage to voice a message in the world. With the power of social media, it’s rather easy to start posting about a cause you’re passionate about.


Know that leaders don’t always fit in.  Their message isn’t always one that’s accepted or agreed upon by others.  Sometimes it just needs to be said but no one is willing to say it.  These can be the most trying of times when there is push back from other people.  We start to doubt ourselves and think maybe it’s easier to remain in the comfort zone of silence.


Leaders believe in themselves and their message too much to keep it to themselves.  They embrace being different and remain unmoved even if everyone doesn’t like them.  They aren’t here to fit in, they are here to make a difference.


My challenge for you is to find ways that you can be a leader.  Think about the people you look up to and what traits you admire about them. Start incorporating these traits into your own life.  Ask yourself, what would a leader do today?


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