How to Achieve Abundant Success

Nov 22, 2018

When we see another person’s success, we often use this as a measure of our own success.  We see what other people have achieved, their financial status, what job they hold, if they own a nice car or house, and even the kind of family relationships they have.  We analyze their life and compare it to our own.


There are many factors that play into this mindset.


The first begins with already stated fact of comparison.  We compare our lives to those of others.  Somehow the success of others defines our own worth.  If we don’t measure up we think this means we are not enough.  We beat ourselves up over what other people have that we don’t.


The second mindset comes from a place of jealousy and greed.  We want all the success for ourselves.  We think that if we had all the “things” that it would make us look better.  Read that sentence again.  It would make us LOOK better.  As if we are trying to impress someone.


Having a certain level of status does not make us a better person on the inside.  We can have all the “things” in life and still live an empty life. This is why accepting ourselves for who we are and what we have is vital to living a successful life.


Only we have the power to define what success means to us.  The shallow definition comes from owning all the things.  The true definition of success is one that brings us the most happiness in life.


The third factor is this lack or scarcity mindset.  We feel that if others have these things, then there is no way that we can receive the same.  It’s as if there is only a certain amount of success in the world and it’s not available for us to obtain.  When in fact this belief is not true.


Instead we should come from an abundance mindset.  Where we believe there is infinite success in the universe.  That it is not limited to only a certain number of people.  It is accessible to everyone if they simply dream it, trust the process, and take action toward making their success a reality.


Choose an abundance mindset. Let go of the negative feeling of jealousy and greed.  Especially when we see what other people have and desire it for ourselves.  Instead, celebrate the accomplishments of others, and realize that if it is doable for them, then it is only evidence that it can happen for us too. Cheer them on and wish them well. Releasing that positivity into the universe that will inevitably come back into our lives.


Know that we too can have much success in life.  The key is allowing it to happen.  Stop being consumed with negative thoughts about why it’s not possible.  The proof is there.  If they can attain it, so can we!


Lastly, if there is still a struggle to compare our lives to others, then stop looking.  Simply put blinders on.  Put our head down and enjoy the journey ahead as it has nothing to do with the level of success other people have.  We can only do our best.  This is what we are in control of.


Allow yourself to envision your success and dream life.  Do not compare yourself to others.  Stop consuming your mind with negative thoughts.  The world is your oyster and success is meant to be yours.  You must believe it to achieve it!  It all starts with living in the right abundance mindset.


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