From The Dungeon To The Arena

Mar 12, 2020

Truth moment, your comfort zone is holding you back from going after your dreams.  It’s easier to stay in your comfort zone where you know everything is safe.  But that’s only going to keep you stuck where you currently are.  No dreams or goals are ever achieved in your comfort zone.


Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is often warm and cozy.  Like your bed when you first wake up in the morning.  It’s time to shift your belief around your comfort zone.  Realize that your comfort zone is not a place where you desire to stay.  In order to make that shift you need to change your comfort zone from being a place that you find comfortable and enjoy to one that you despise and cannot wait to get out of.



Envision this, you’re back in the time of the gladiators.  Imagine a dungeon that is full of rats and spiders.  It is dark, cold, and damp.  There are no windows and it feels almost as if the walls are closing in on you.  The space feels small and cramped.  This is nowhere you would want to stay for an extended period of time.  But, this needs to be how you see your comfort zone.  It’s quite different than the comfy quarters you’re accustom to.



If you left the dungeon and stepped out into the arena like a gladiator, it would be a whole new world.  The sunlight would hit your face, you could feel the warmth, and hear the cheer of the crowd.  This is where the action happens.  Your heart starts to beat faster.  You can feel the empowering confidence radiate through your body as you stand proud and tall.  You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and into the arena where dreams become reality and goals are achieved.  This is where you need to be.


Fighting Action

The arena is full of action.  Dirt, sword fights, grit, muscle, grunts, and shouts.  There you fight tirelessly.  Getting pushed down only to get back up again.  This is where successful people are made.  They have the cuts, scrapes, and bruises to prove it.  They never slunk back to the safe comfort zone of the dungeon.  They remained in the arena to prove that they are worthy and enough.  It certainly is no easy feat.  The shouts from the crowds get louder.  The inner self doubt starts to creep in.  But, the successful never give up.  They keep pushing forward.


Negative Voices

You have an even bigger dungeon than you realize.  Your dungeon is the negative self talk you’re telling yourself.  The mean girl voices in your head are repeating all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t.  The mean girls have all the excuses.  It’s not the right time, you’re not ready, who are you to be doing this, you’re stupid, you’re crazy to think this is even possible, etc.  Everyone has this negative committee in their head.  But it’s the successful who quiet the voices and put themselves in the arena.  They let the negative voices yell from the stands in the arena but they keep fighting for what they want.



You must realize that your comfort zone is not safe.  The mean girl voices who control the negative committee live there.  This is your dungeon.  You may be wanting to achieve some big things this year but you are holding yourself back.  It’s time to step out into the arena and let the negative voices scream from the stands as you battle on to achieve your goals and live the life you have always imagined.  Do not let your dungeon hold you back from achieving big things.  Step out of the dungeon and into the arena.


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