Four Steps To Create A New Habit

Oct 08, 2020

You have many habits.  Habits of eating your favorite foods, taking certain roads to the store, to self care habits.  Some may be healthy habits and some may be not so healthy habits.  Either way, habits are part of your daily life.  If you’re wanting to create a new habit then use these four steps to create a new habit in your life.



The first thing you need in order to create a new habit is to have a trigger.  This is what will trigger you to take the action of the new habit you want to create.  The easiest way to pick a trigger is to choose a habit that you already do on a daily basis.  Such as, brushing your teeth, having your morning coffee, etc.  Choose an already existing habit that you have and use this as your trigger.  For example, if you want to make exercising your daily habit then place your running shoes in on your bathroom sink so that you’ll put them on before you brush your teeth.  It’s much easier to create a new habit when you attach it to an existing habit that you’re already doing.



Next, you must make this new habit a ritual.  This new habit must become a part of your new daily routine.  Make your new habit a nonnegotiable where you must complete it.  There will be times when you don’t want to stick to your new habit but think about how you’ll feel when you’re done.  Use this feeling to motivate you to stick to your new habit.  Make it a daily ritual for yourself.  After a while it will become second nature for you.  But, until then, you must be committed to making this a new habit by completing your new habit daily.



Then, set yourself up with a reward.  If you complete your new habit that day then think of what reward to give yourself.  This could be time on social media, purchasing a new book, getting a massage, etc.  Think of little things you could do to reward yourself of doing a good job when you complete your new habit.  For instance, if you’re wanting to eat healthier, cook six healthy meals at home and then allow yourself one day to eat a healthier choice at a restaurant.  Giving yourself a reward will keep you motivated to complete your new habit and make it more likely that it will stick.



Lastly, creating a new habit doesn’t get formed by doing something once and awhile.  It’s through repetition that you make a new habit stick.  Make your new habit a part of your daily routine and keep at it.  The key is to be consistent and don’t break the chain.  Keep track of your new habit by marking it down on your calendar or sharing it on social media each day.  This can also act as a form of accountability for you.  Make it a goal to complete your new habit every day and watch it becomes a part of your daily routine.



These four steps will help you create a new habit.  First, choose a trigger that will prompt you to complete your new habit.  Then make it a daily ritual where you must complete your new habit.  Set yourself up for success by giving yourself a reward for completing your new habit.  Lastly, remember that new habits are only formed through repetition.  Use these four steps to create new habit your life.


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