Four Step Process To Conquer Your Fear

Jan 16, 2020

Your fears are holding you back from living your dream life.  You have created your own limiting beliefs that are only keeping you stuck in your current situation.  This simple four step process will help you conquer your fears and change your beliefs so that you’ll start taking action on your biggest goals.


1. Pick A Fear

The first step is to simply choose one fear that’s holding you back from going after your dreams.  Then think about what you believe to be true about that fear.  In other words, name the limiting belief that is keeping you stuck.  This could be that you’re not good enough, you’re inexperienced, who are you to be doing this, you’re not ready, now’s not the right time, you need more information, you’re too young/old, etc.  Dig deep and think about what fear is limiting your ability to truly live life to the fullest.


**Please note that you’ll be able to go back through this process with additional fears.  But, first start by focusing on just one fear and one limiting belief.


2. List Outcomes

Next, list all the possible outcomes.  If that fear were to come to fruition imagine what would happen.  Think about what you’re most afraid of happening.  Then go a bit further and envision the worst case scenario.  Lot of emotions will come up such as anxiety, worry, doubt, embarrassment, etc.  These feelings are what’s strengthen your desire to believe your limiting belief and let fear win.  It’s easier to do nothing than to face what could happen if you were to take action.  Know that this step is very uncomfortable but it’s crucial to realize what you’re most afraid of happening.


3. Think Positively

The truth is, your mind always goes to the worst case scenario.  Yet, that rarely happens.  But, you’re most likely worried that it will happen.  If it does, think about how you can put a positive spin on things.  Consider how this would help you grow or make you stronger.  Choose to think positively.


4. Create New Beliefs

The last and most important step is to choose to believe differently.  Change your limiting belief into one that will empower you.  State how you’re confident, courageous, and strong enough to confront this fear head on even if the worst case scenario does happen.  Believe in yourself and your ability to make it through anything.  When fear and self doubt creep in do not let them win.  Create a new belief around how you’ve made it this far in life.  You’ve figure everything out up until now.  Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the future will be any different.  You’ve got this!



Stop letting fear hold you back.  Use this four step process to conquer your fear.  Start by picking one fear.  Then list the possible outcomes, even the worst case scenario.  Next, put a positive spin on things.  Lastly, choose to create new beliefs so that you will conquer your fear and start going after your biggest dreams in life.  Get out of your own way and create a new belief around fear.  You’ve got so much ahead of you that you can’t afford to let fear win.


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