Five Steps To Change Negative Thoughts

Mar 05, 2020

Negative thoughts are a bad habit.  It’s time to replace that bad habit with a new, positive one.  Learn these five steps to help you change your negative thoughts.


 1. Watch Your Thoughts

The first step to change your negative thoughts is to notice when it happens.  Sometimes you don’t realize you’re speaking negatively to yourself.  If you’re a positive person, who is usually in a good mood, then it can be difficult to admit when you’re being negative, mean, or hard on yourself.  Often negative thoughts can be just a quick little voice that you barely notice.  For example, you may say you’re so stupid when you make a simple mistake.  Even though these negative thoughts may be small and easily dismissed, they are still very influential.  Start by watching your thoughts.


2. Comparison

Comparing yourself to someone else is the easiest way to have negative thoughts.  Social media makes this extremely easy with gorgeous poses and envious pictures of fun adventures.  The truth is, social media images are only posted when the person looks their absolute best and they are doing something amazingly noteworthy.  This is not every day reality.  Especially due to the fact that there are so many images that are altered with filters and photo editing apps.  Unfollow or mute accounts who you compare yourself to.  Build up your self confidence by following accounts that make you feel good about yourself.  Stop the negative thoughts from happening in the first place by limiting your ability to compare yourself.


3. Replace Your Thoughts

When you catch a negative thought, replace it with what your biggest cheerleader would say.  Think of someone that’s your biggest fan, such as your mom or best friend.  When you say a negative thought, think of what they would say.  For example, you say you look awful today.  Your best friend may say you look beautiful and strong.  Choose to think that positive thought instead.  Let that positive thought seep in and feel it in your body.  Take ownership of that new positive thought.  Accept it as truth.  Choose to believe this new positive thought as true because your biggest supporter would say it.


4. Celebrate Positive Thoughts

Notice how much better you feel when you think positive thoughts.  When you are kind and give yourself grace in difficult moments, take the time to celebrate.  Celebrate when you tell yourself you look beautiful.  Celebrate those positive thoughts!  It’s also very important to make sure you don’t replace a positive thought with a negative.  For instance, maybe this is just a skinny mirror and that’s the reason you look good.  Never talk yourself out a compliment.  Believe the positive thought and celebrate it.  You feel good when you think nice thoughts about yourself.


5. You Become Your Thoughts

The bottom line is, you become your thoughts.  If you think you are out of shape, tired, fat, stupid, etc. then you will become those things.  Your thoughts become your reality.  That’s why it is so important to think positively!  Self improvement does not happen when you say something negative about yourself.  In fact, it’s actually quite the opposite.  What you really want is the positive thought to be beautiful, healthy, smart, on time, organized, etc.  Make a list of the positive traits and qualities that you want to have.  Focus on those qualities and take note of when you are embodying those things.  Your actions will follow your thoughts.  You become what you think.



In order to change the negative thoughts, you first have to watch for those pesky negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts often happen when you’re thinking about your intelligence or appearance and comparing it to someone else.  Start replacing your negative thoughts with what your biggest cheerleader would say.  Recognize when you’re saying positive thoughts and celebrate those moments.  Most of all, change the way you think about yourself.  Think about who you want to be and speak those positive thoughts to yourself.  Tell yourself that you are smart and beautiful.  Simply, be loving, kind, and nicer to yourself.


The only way you change is when you feel good.  You never feel good when someone is saying mean or negative things about you so don’t do it to yourself!  Promise, no more negative thoughts.  No matter how small.  It’s not fair to you or your future.  Change your negative thoughts to positive and see the best in yourself.


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