Five Areas To Focus On For More Happiness In Life

Feb 06, 2020

In order to achieve more happiness in life, take a look at the following five areas.  Commit to setting a goal in each area so that you can life a happier life.


1. Self Care

The first area to look at is self care.  Often you take care of everyone else but yourself.  It is said that you need to put your own oxygen mask on first before you can help others.  Make yourself a priority.  Schedule time for self care.  It is essential for your overall health and happiness in life.  Don’t let it fall to the wayside.  Focus on taking care of you.  Set a goal to do at least one self care activity each week.  When you feel good about yourself, you’ll be happier in life.


2. Relationships

Family and friends are incredibly important to living a happier life.  Having conversations and being around others that make you laugh allows you to thoroughly enjoy life.  The relationships you foster are ones that you’ll remember and cherish.  The memories you create with your loved ones will last a lifetime.  Set a goal to help you connect with the people who mean the most to you and watch your happiness increase.


3. Personal Growth

Learning and growing is essential to your happiness.  You love to gain new knowledge and expertise.  Set a goal to do something that will allow you to grow at least once a week.  Develop a new skill, read a book, listen to an audio or podcast, watch a motivational video, or experience something new.  There is an abundance of things you can do to propel you forward in life.  When you become better your happiness grows.


4. Financial

Take look at your financial situation.  This could be an area of unhappiness for you.  You may need to evaluate where you are spending money if you feel burdened financially.  Take a look at your credit card statement and see if there are any reoccurring charges that you could eliminate.  Think about where you could spend less money and look at cutting back on some things.


On the other hand, you may have an abundance of funds but feel unhappy.  Choose to donate to charities and causes that mean something to you.  Give back and help others in need.  This can increase your happiness by doing good for others.


In either situation, you should pay yourself first by transferring money to your savings account each month. Set a goal to set aside funds that you will not touch.  Financial security will help with your general happiness in life.


5. Time

Time is a limited resource and you may be feeling stressed or unhappy with how you’re allocating your time.  Start by defining how you’ll manage your time.  This could be purchasing a planner and tracking your daily tasks.  Take a look at how you’re spending your time.  Maybe you need to spend less time on things that are keeping you from achieving your goals.  Such as, scrolling social media or watching tv.  Perhaps you need to dedicate more time to an area such as relationships, as mentioned earlier.  Decide how you want to spend your time.  Set a goal and make a commitment to use your time more wisely.  When you choose how to use your time more efficiently, you’ll feel much happier.



Use these five areas to achieve more happiness in your every day life.  Focus on taking time for self care.  Build relationships with your loved ones.  Choose to do something that will allow you to grow.  Assess your financial situation and evaluate how you’re spending your time.  Set a goal in these areas to be more mindful and watch your happiness rise.


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