Establishing Your Priorities In Life

Jun 01, 2023

When you have too much going on, life can feel really overwhelming.  You may be wondering if you’ll ever catch up.  Even if you take a moment to pause, you’ll be behind.  There is no time to stop.  But, this mentality isn’t allowing you to fully experience life.  You’re not able to be present and see the little moments in life that truly matter.  Focusing on work and all your to do is not what ultimately fills your cup at the end of the day.  It’s being with ones you love and making memories that last a lifetime.  You have to learn to prioritize your time so that you’re fully experiencing life.



The first step is to recognize your priorities in life.  When you know what’s most important to you, you’ll make that your priority.  Nothing will get in the way of that time.  Take time to acknowledge what your priorities are in life.  Maybe that’s nonnegotiable time with your family and friends.  Perhaps that’s a quarterly vacation or weekly date night.  It can also be doing one goal related activity each day.  Write down your top priorities in life.



Next, start setting boundaries around your time.  That could mean not working weekends or evenings.  It could be not signing up for projects that require too much of a time commitment or constant travel.  In order to protect your priorities, you have to establish fierce boundaries around your time.  Nothing is allowed to interrupt the time you’ve set aside for your priorities.  After all, it’s a priority for a reason.



Then, stop scheduling too much in your planner.  If you’re constantly maxing out your schedule and not leaving any room for white space, then you’ve got too much going on.  Delegate tasks to others, ask for help, eliminate nonessential tasks, and start saying no to taking on any additional tasks.  Do not feel guilty about this.  Remember, you’re committed to your priorities above all else.


Self Care

Lastly, you need to remember to take time for self care.  You can’t keep going a million miles an hour without expecting burn out.  You have to take care of yourself and this vessel you’re experiencing life in.  Otherwise, you’ll cut your time short.  Make yourself a priority.  Schedule in something fun each week to look forward to that’s not work related.  Maybe it’s mindless down time to relax and recharge.  Whatever you decide, self care should be one of your top priorities so that you’ll be your best at work and for those around you.



Acknowledge what your priorities are in life.  When you know your priorities, you can assess whether a proposed task will align or take you away from your priorities.  This allows you to be able to say yes you can take on the additional task or no thank you, it doesn’t align with your priorities and the season you’re in.  Set boundaries around your time and protect the time that you’ve dedicated to your priorities in life.  Avoid scheduling in too much each day.  Leave some room for white space.  No one gets to the end of their life and says that they should have worked more.  Take time for self care and make you one of your top priorities.  When you feel your best, you’ll be your best.  Get clear on your priorities and let that drive your decisions so that you’re saying yes to the things that actually matter in your life.


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