Embrace Changes To Your Identity

May 07, 2020

Everyone has their own unique identity.  An identity is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.  Through your life experiences you create your identity.  It’s who you are as a human being.  The problem arises when a part of your identity is changed.  Or more consequentially, removed.  This is when you begin to question everything about who you are.  This particular identity has defined you as person for so long.  Now to lose it, you’re forced to figure out who you are on a deeper level.


Job Identity

One of the biggest identities you can have is your job.  If you’re someone who has been doing the same job for many years you’re a proficient professional by now.  You often tease that you could probably do your job in your sleep because it has become so routine for you.


Job Success

A job gives you a certain level of prestige.  After years of hard work you’ve finally made your parents proud by landing your dream job.  It’s a major achievement that you’re proud of.  It may even be a competitive field where others would love to do what you doing for a living.  Either way, your job gives you a sense of identity and provides you with an esteemed level of success.


Job Loss

If you leave your job behind it can causes a bit of an identity crisis.  You may feel like you’ve lost a part of who you are.  You may struggle with the thought of what will other people think of you if you’re no longer doing the same job.  Your job was a part of your identity.  Now you’re forced to adapt to a new world.


Noticing Changes

The truth is, when you leave that identity behind only you will really notice the difference.  That’s because it’s become a part of you from doing it for so long.  However, other people are too wrapped up in their own lives to even notice the major change that you’re experiencing.  You’re not going to disappoint anyone by leaving behind this part of your life.  In fact, this is an opportunity to reach new heights and do something more profound in your life.



Take for example, athletes.  They spend hours practicing and honing their craft.  They dedicate so much time to improving and mastering their skills to become the best competitor.  When an athlete gets injured or retires they must find a new way to occupy their time.  This does not mean that their underlying identity has changed.  They are still the same person underneath.  It’s just their time is now allocated differently.



A job does not define you.  Yes, it is a major part of your life but it’s not who you are as a human being.  You are still kind, smart, beautiful, and resilient.  It may be hard to reconnect with these characteristics after a part of your identity shifts.  But just know that you are still an amazing person.  A change in your identity does not make you any less of a person.  Get back in touch with who you are on a deeper level.  Embrace the changes to your identity and find what makes you truly happy in life.


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