Eight Key Traits Of Successful People

Oct 03, 2019

There are some commonalities that all successful people have.  Here are the eight key traits of successful people that set them apart from the rest.


Decide To Change

It first starts with deciding to make a change.  Successful people decide that they no longer want to be stuck in their current situation. They realize that there is more for their life and they have the power to make it happen.  They choose to take 100% responsibility for their life and future. Knowing that no one else is going to create their desired future but themselves.  Successful people draw the line and say enough is enough.  They make a commitment to making positive changes in their life.


Successful people know that they have the power to decide to change.  They also have the power to choose.  They can choose to remain where they are or choose to do the work and create the life that they have always envisioned.


Have A Vision

Once a successful person has decided to make a change in their life they must get clear on exactly what they want. They create a vision for their future. They figure out exactly what goal they want to achieve.  This clear picture will act as their end destination that they are working hard to get to.


Successful people have a clear vision for what they want to achieve.  When successful people know exactly what they want in life they go after it with everything they’ve got.  They don’t let anything get in their way and are unafraid to do the hard work.


Do The Work

Now that the commitment has been made to make a change and they know exactly what goal they want to achieve it is time to go straight to work.  Successful people brainstorm how they can get to where they want to be. They ask for help if and when they need it.  They keep their head down and do the work.


Successful people take action and do the work.  While others decide that it’s easier to remain stuck where they are than to do the hard work.  But successful people realize that they must do the hard work if they want something different in their life.



Feel The Fear

Many people stop here and don’t want to do the work because of fear.  Doing things that you’ve never done before can be scary.  It’s not comfortable and it’s certainly not easy. That’s why successful people embrace their fear.


Successful people feel the fear and do it anyway.  They realize that fear is a good thing.  It means they are growing and on the right track to achieving their goals and living their dream life.


While for others it’s fear that’s holding them back from going after their dreams.  Often people get caught up in their head with fears of judgement and failure.  They choose to remain in their comfort zone and don’t go after their dreams.  A year later, they are still in the same spot. Unmoved and living an unfulfilled life. All because they are held hostage by fear.


Successful people know that fear will always be there.  They just choose to take action and work toward their goal anyway.  This is just another key trait that sets successful people apart.


Know Their Why

Successful people also know exactly why they want to achieve this goal.  They know what it will mean for their lives when they achieve it. Knowing their why is so important because it is their driving motivation behind achieving their goal.  This is the reason that will keep them going when things get hard.



Successful people look for mentors they can learn from.  They search for people who have done what they want to achieve.  Mentors inspire successful people and help them achieve their goals faster.  Successful people surround themselves with positive people who uplift them and challenge them to be better.



Continuous education is something that successful people do without thinking about.  They read books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries and videos, etc.  Successful people are genuinely curious by nature.  They educate themselves on a topic that they are interested in.  They have a desire to learn something new and have a hunger to fill their brain with knowledge.  They are avid personal development junkies to improve themselves in order to be better than they were yesterday.  This trait propels successful people forward in life.  Once they’ve achieved one goal they are ready for the next because something else has peeked their interest.


Self Care

Lastly, successful people take time out for self care.  They meditate, journal, go for walks, and take time out of their day for some quiet time alone.  They know this time allows them to clear their head and allow their mind to wander. Some of their best ideas come during this time.  It gives them time to dream, relax, and get recharged.  Successful people are most creative in the moments after self care. This is because they’ve let go of some of the internal blocks that are holding them back.  Successful people have a self care practice that they utilize daily.



Successful people decide to create change in their life.  They commit to a goal and create a clear vision for what they want in their future. They do the hard work when no one else will and let go of the fears that prevent many others from moving forward to achieve their goal.  Successful people have a strong reason why they want to achieve their goal.  They also have mentors that advise them and help them achieve their goal faster.  Successful people are learners at the core who crave knowledge and know the important of incorporating a self care practice into their daily routine. These eight traits are what sets successful people apart from the rest.



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