Creating Motivation To Achieve Your Goal

Oct 20, 2022

You’re feeling really bummed because you’ve stopped taking action to achieve your goal.  You were doing so well too.  You disciplined yourself to start taking action but then for whatever reason you stopped.  You still deeply want to achieve your goal.  But, you’ve lost some motivation and you’re wondering how to get back on track to achieve your goal.  You must reignite your motivation to achieve your goal again by creating a shift within yourself to take action.



Procrastination is something that everyone does.  Procrastination is when you put off doing something because it triggers a stress response or some other negative feeling inside you.  It’s easier to procrastinate rather that doing what you need to get done.  You can quickly come up with excuses as to why you don’t feel like taking action towards your goal.  For instance, it’s taking too long, you’re just not ready, you need to complete other tasks unrelated to your goal first, or you simply don’t have the motivation right now, etc.  You decide that you’ll wait until your motivation comes back and then you’ll feel like taking the actions necessary to achieve your goal.  The problem is, that motivation doesn’t magically return.  You have to create it.



Motivation is a feeling that’s created through action.  It’s that great feeling you get when you get to cross something off your to do list.  The feeling of accomplishment when you’ve completed a task related to achieving your goal.  For example, that high you feel when you’ve finished your workout, which is definitely not the same feeling as when you started.  Motivation comes from the energy and momentum you create when you take action.


Creating A Shift

When you start doing something, even when you don’t feel like it, you trigger an emotional shift.  This does not mean that completing one task or a single workout will solve your motivation problem.  However, it does set in motion a series of events that can shift your direction.  If you start taking action by doing the thing you wish you felt like doing, then you will have a greater chance of creating that shift for yourself.  You’ll be more likely to experience the joy, excitement, and motivation that you once had when you took action to achieve your goal.


Take Action

Motivation comes and goes.  But, you can create motivation through action.  Most of the time you’re not going to want to do the tough work.  You’re not going to feel like working out, eating healthy, doing the difficult tasks to achieve your goal, etc.  However, think about how you’ll feel when you’re done completing these things.  That sense of accomplishment and feeling proud that you actually did something to make progress toward your goal.  It’s so hard to get started but it’s easier to be motivated to keep going when you have that momentum.  Take action and create that shift to reignite your motivation to achieve your goal.



This is not an instantaneous process.  It will take awhile.  You will still have ups and downs with an ebb and flow of motivation to take action to achieve your goal.  You may complete one action that gives you a small hit of accomplishment but, you can easily fall back into the you don’t want to do this mode.  However, you must keep taking action in order to create a shift to want to take action to achieve your goal.  Doing nothing feeds the lethargy, which only makes it worse.  Truthfully, you’re never going to feel like taking action.  But, you must do it anyway.  Because once you do, you’ll create that shift that motivates you into action to achieve your goal.


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