Condition Yourself To Achieve Your Goal

Sep 23, 2021


There are three key components to condition yourself to achieve your goal.  These three things will put you in the right mindset so that you’ll be ready for the journey to achieve your goal.  Achieving your goal is not easy, but rather hard work.  There will be moments that test you to see how dedicated you are to achieving your goal.  But, with the right mindset, you’ll find it easier to successfully achieve your goal in no time.



A big part of working towards achieving your goal is going on the journey.  This is often an adventure because of the obstacles you’ll encounter along the way.  These obstacles are never planned.  Make a little space for the unknowns in life that occur when you’re planning out your day with tasks that move you closer to your goal.  Avoid having a tightly set schedule and leave space for the little adventures, which can actually be good.  You might not always consider an obstacle to be a good thing in the moment, but each unplanned activity is meant to happen for one reason or another.  Often, it’s to prepare you for what’s coming ahead.  Be open to the adventure and remember, there is nothing thrown at you in your life that you can’t handle.



Adventure leads you to experiencing new things.  In order to achieve your goal, you’re going to have to do things that you’ve never done before.  This pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you build up your confidence.  Encouraging yourself to try something new isn’t always easy.  In fact, it can be downright scary and hard!  Yet, each brave step you take proves to yourself that you’re capable of doing difficult things.  You’ll begin to create a memory bank of all the things you’ve done that you can look back on.  This is especially helpful when you’re struggling to take action on your goal because of fear.  Reflect back on these moments and use them as evidence that you can persevere!  A lot of trying to achieve your goal comes through trial and error.  Continue to try new things and be open to the possibilities.



While you’re trying new things, you’ll also grow by learning new concepts and expanding your knowledge.  Growth happens in the doing and taking action to do the tough work.  You can read all the books, watch all the videos, but until you actually get out there and try it for yourself, you’ll never truly know if it will work to achieve your goal.  Put into practice the things that you’re learning.  Also, document your progress and celebrate your milestones along the way.  Each step you take moves you closer and closer to achieving your goal.  That’s not an easy feat.  When you look back to where you started, you’ll realize just how far you’ve come.  Achieving your goal is huge accomplishment, but it’s also the growth about who you become in the process.



Use these three key components to help condition yourself to achieve your goal.  Begin by realizing that the journey to achieving your goal is an adventure.  There will be obstacles that come out of nowhere while you’re trying to achieve your goal.  But, that’s all a part of the adventure.  Next, encourage yourself to try new things.  This will expand your comfort zone and build your confidence so that you’ll be able to try new things in the future with less fear.  Lastly, be ready to see what achieving this goal will make of you and who you will become as you grow in the process.  These are the three keys to condition yourself to achieve your goal so that you'll be motivated with the right mindset to do the work and achieve your goal.


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