Changing Of The Seasons

Oct 06, 2022

With the change in the weather, it marks a change in seasons.  You may be coming into fall, winter, spring, or summer.  But, just like the weather changes seasons, your life has seasons too.  You may be going through a tough time or simply feeling like you’re out of alignment that something isn’t quite right.  It’s in these moments that you need to reassess where you are in your life.  Take inventory to see what’s working and what isn’t.  You don’t have to continue on your current trajectory.  You have the power to create change.  Change is hard but there is a lot to learn with the changing of the seasons.


Reassess Your Life

Your seasons may not change every three months like the calendar predicts.  However, that’s a good timeframe to keep in mind so that you can complete a check in with yourself.  Taking a hard look at your life every three months allows you to see if you’re still on course for the goals that you’ve set or if things have changed.  Perhaps the goal that you’re working towards no longer aligns with what you truly want in life.  Maybe it’s had a detrimental impact on other areas of your life that you didn’t realize until now.  Take time to reassess where you are and what you want in your life.


Be Open To Change

Next, keep what’s working and be accepting to change what’s not.  You might need to let go of some things that are no longer serving you.  This could be certain people, bad habits, overwhelming tasks, or stressful things that are draining your energy and causing you to be unhealthy.  In a new season of life, you have to make adjustments.  What worked before may no longer be working now.  Be open to change and decide what needs to happen in order for you to be in alignment with what you truly want in your life.


Difficult Season

Each season is different.  One season may require more from you than you’d like.  But, each season allows you to learn, grow, and expand.  Know that the season you’re in will pass and you’ll be able to take those life lessons with you to carry on into the future.  You will face other difficult times in the future.  But, you’ll be stronger because of it.  Remind yourself that there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.  Seasons change and some are brighter than others.  Do not let your current season of a difficult time stop you from moving forward.  There is so much potential to learn from the season you’re in.


Create Change

Lastly, you can create a change of seasons.  You do not have to wait three months before you’re onto your next adventure.  You can start right now.  Decide what you want and begin making changes in your life.  You may not see immediate change, but slowly you’ll start to see the shift.  There is no reason why you have to continue to dwell in your current season.  You have the power to create change at any time in your life.



Seasons change just like life.  Reassess where you at least every three months so that you can make sure you’re aligned with what you want in your life.  Make any necessary changes you need in order to help you get there.  Remember that the season you’re in can change at any moment.  You have the power to help create that shift.  Be mindful of the season you’re in and stay connected to what matters most in your life.


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