Battle To Win The War And Achieve Your Goal

Oct 13, 2022

You’ve started taking action to achieve your goal.  But, you’re hitting a few obstacles and road blocks that are preventing you from moving forward to achieve it.  In fact, you’re no longer taking action towards your goal at all and you’re feeling really bad about it.  With each day that passes, you fall further and feel lower than before.  This is an internal battle you’re struggling to win.  Here is how to battle and win the war so that you achieve your goal.



You may find yourself going down the rabbit hole of all the thoughts that you can’t stick to anything, you’re incompetent, useless, or even untrustworthy because you’re unable to keep the promise that you’d finally achieve your goal.  You might think you’re a failure and that you’ve made a mistake.  Maybe you should just throw in the towel and forget it.  At this point, it’s too late to achieve your goal anyway.  You’re so off course that it’s beyond repair and not worth trying to fix.  You continue to spiral, thinking these hateful thoughts about yourself and how incapable you are.  Further convincing yourself that you can’t achieve your goal.  When really, you’re just piling up the guilt about why you haven’t achieved your goal yet.


Takes Time

Perhaps you haven’t achieved your goal because it’s taking too long.  You thought it would be simple, easy, and accomplished quickly.  Yet, in actuality, anything worth achieving takes time.  As it’s said, if it were easy, everyone would do it.  Achieving your goal does not happen in an hour or a day.  It takes a lot of time, dedication, perseverance, and consistent action.  Each obstacle you encounter is testing you.  It’s a battle and you must fight to achieve your goal.


Find Support

Anytime you are struggling, reach out to others for support.  Find people who will help fight along side you for your goals and dreams in life.  Maybe this is a friend or family member who firmly believes in you.  Call in reinforcements and backup.  Seek out the help you need to achieve your goal.  Know that asking for help does not make you weak.  It makes you stronger by fortifying your resolve to achieve your goal.


Be Kind To Yourself

Next, be kind to yourself.  You haven’t broken a promise to yourself by not achieving your goal just yet.  Stop punishing yourself.  You can achieve your goal, but you must get your mindset right.  Start by being kind to yourself.  Show yourself some grace, patience, love, and support for how far you’ve come.  Look back at the little milestones you have already achieved.  Often you forget just how far you’ve come from where you originally started.


Keep Battling

Lastly, encountering an obstacle and falling off the band wagon is not a complete loss.  You can still achieve your goal.  Do not believe that losing this battle means that you’ve lost the war.  Any lost battle is a reminder of all the reasons why you quit and gave up.  These are not failures or mistakes.  These are powerful lessons to learn.  Each one is a stepping stone on your journey to achieving your goal.  The truth is, each battle will make you stronger.  But, you’ll have to fight to achieve your goal.  Remain committed and use each battle to become better than you were before.  Learn from your battles and continue taking action to achieve you goal so that you can win the war.



Each obstacle you battle is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Achieving your goal is a journey, not a destination.  You will continue to evolve with bigger goals and fiercer battles in the future.  Each battle will be a defining moment of if you will throw in the towel or preserver.  It may be more of a fight than you’d bargained for but you will overcome it if you keep taking action.  You must be the one to make the decision to continue moving forward.  No one else can do it for you.  Commit to yourself that you will battle to achieve your goal for a different future.  Do not give up on yourself or your goals and dreams in life.  No matter how many battles are ahead of you, you have already won the war with the simple decision to keep taking action and never give up.


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