Are You Dreaming Big Enough?

Apr 14, 2022

Big dreams are scary because you don’t know what will be required of you to make it happen.  Your inner critic speaks up and starts giving you all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t go after a big dream.  This leaves you with either small dreams that are easily achieved or worse yet, leaving your dreams on the sidelines collecting dust because you’re too afraid to go for it.  Here is how to know if you are dreaming big enough.



If you can easily achieve your dream with little to no effort, then you’re not dreaming big enough.  Big dreams require a lot of time and attention.  It requires a lot of work on your part.  It’s not accomplished in an hour or a day.  It takes much longer.  The finish line of achieving your dream is often so far out in the distance that it can be hard to see.  For that reason, it can be difficult to stay motivated when you aren’t super close to making it happen.  That’s why you have to celebrate your little milestones, the smaller wins, and the consistent constant effort that you’re putting forth to achieve your big dream.



If you can achieve your dream without running into any challenges, obstacles, or roadblocks, then your dream isn’t big enough.  Big dreams encounter massive stumbling hurdles that test your dedication and will power.  These challenges might even make you think that you’re not fully capable of achieving your big dream.  Realize that you’re going to experience challenges on your journey.  Don’t let that stop you from moving forward.  Just keep taking action and push forward through each challenge thrown in your path.



If you can achieve your dream by yourself without any help from additional resources, conducting research, or other people, then your dream is too small.  You’re going to need some help to achieve your big dream.  Whether that’s personal motivation for when you’re feeling down, lost, or stuck to seeking out help from mentors and people who have gone before you.  Find someone who has done something similar so that you can learn from their mistakes to avoid pitfalls and achieve your dream faster.  Read books, watch videos, and find resources that will help you achieve your big dream.  You can’t do this on you own.  You’re going to need help and that’s okay!  That’s just means you have a big dream!


Almost Impossible

If your dream scares you a bit because it feels almost impossible, then you know you’re onto something.  You’re probably going to feel overwhelmed by the idea of your big dream.  There will be a lot of moving pieces and things you need to figure out.  You won’t know all the steps or have the perfect plan to achieve your big dream.  But, that shouldn’t prevent you from dreaming big in the first place.  Push yourself to dream as big as you possibly can and then dream some more!


Dream Big

When you think you’ve got it, you should be excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time.  You may even be thinking what are you doing or who you are to dream something so big?  But, those inner voices of fear only appear when you’re on to something big that’s going to push you outside of your comfort zone and force you to grow in ways you never thought possible.  So, dream big.  There is no limit to dreaming big.



Challenge yourself to dream big.  Know that you’re going to have to put a lot of time and effort into achieving a big dream.  Realize that with big dreams, you’re going to have to face big challenges.  Pull from different resources to help you achieve your big dream.  You can’t do this all on your lonesome.  Lastly, you know you’ve dreamed big when your dream feels almost impossible.  A big dream will have you feeling excited with the possibility, nervous about how you’re going to achieve it, and scared all at the same time.  Never limit yourself and always dream big!


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