Achieving Your Goal Visualization

May 12, 2022

You must create the thought of achieving your goal in your mind before it actually becomes your reality.  That first initial thought of what you want to achieve solidifies it as entirely possible.  But, often you get hung up in all the worries, doubts, and fears along the way that cause you to question your ability to achieve your goal.  Visualizing the point when you’ve achieved your goal is extremely powerful.  It creates that subtle knowing that your success is inevitable.  You will achieve your goal.  It’s going to happen.  Here is a quick six step visualization to help you achieve your goal.


Specific Goal

Think about the goal you want to achieve.  Make sure it’s specific enough so that you know when you’ll have achieved it.  Vague goals will only give you a vague visualization.  Ensure that your goal is tangible and includes measure.  Be specific and get clear on the exact goal you want to achieve.


What It Will Do For You

Now that you have your goal in mind, consider what achieving that goal will give you.  Ask yourself what is possible for you that was not possible before you achieved your goal.  Dig deep into this question and see what comes up for you.  Usually a particular feeling starts to take over your body.  Tap into that feeling and amplify it.  Connect with that feeling of what achieving your goal will mean for you and your life.


Create A Visual

Next, close your eyes and hold onto that feeling.  Find a picture, movie, or moment in the future where you have achieved your goal.  Visualize yourself in the future when you have achieved your goal.  Get crystal clear on what you see.  If the image is fuzzy, bring it into focus and create that experience visually in your mind.


What You Did

Remain at the point where you’ve achieved your goal and look back over the journey to getting there.  Ask yourself, what did you have to do differently in order to make this goal happen.  Be introspective and let your thoughts flow.  You have all the answers within you.  Think about what you needed to stop doing so that you could achieve your goal.  Then, see what you had to start doing.  Visualize the particular actions you had to take to achieve your goal.


What You Had To Let Go Of

To take this to an even deeper level, consider what you had to let go of in order to achieve your goal.  Name the specific fears, worries, and doubts, etc.  Perhaps it was the fear of making a mistake, looking silly, failure, etc.  It could be the worry of needing to have it all figured out with the perfect plan and the exact steps to take.  Maybe it’s the self doubt of who are you to do this.  Visualize what you had to let go of in order to achieve your goal.


What If You Don’t Let Go

Lastly, visualize your life if you continued to hold onto these things.  Ask yourself what does that cost you if you carry on living with your fears, worries, and self doubts.  Your ego is concerned with how you will look and what others will think.  From a young age, you learn to want to be liked.  So, you often play small and don’t share your opinions or thoughts.  Unfortunately, you end up not going after your goals and dreams too.  You must decide if you want to continue living from this place.  When you make decisions from fear, worry, lack, and self doubt, you just remain stuck.  Your goals and dreams fall to wayside because you’re too paralyzed to take action. 



You have a choice.  You are the only one who can take action and choose to decide to let these things go.  The truth is, even if you decide to let these things go, you may continue to fall back into these old habits and patterns.  It’s easier to go down same path rather than to carve out a new path.  However, the key is to notice when you’ve picked these things back up and you can choose to let them go again.  Recognize when you’ve started to let these beliefs hold you back from going after your goals and dreams in life.  You have so much more power than you realize.  Tap into it and get ready to achieve some amazing things in your life by using the power of visualization to help you achieve your goals.


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