The Strong Why Behind Achieving Your Goal

Jul 11, 2018

Setting a goal and going for it is not enough.  You need a strong why behind achieving your goal.


Why is it important to achieve your goal?


If you were to keep going and doing the same thing right now with nothing changing in a year, would you be okay with that?


The thought of being in the same place next year is very scary for a high achiever.  You want to learn, grow, and improve your life.  This is why goals are so important to you.


You know why goals are important but of all the goals out there, why did you set this specific goal?


A goal with a low level of reasoning behind it is rarely achieved.  There has to be a meaning behind your goal.  It’s not enough to simply set a goal to lose weight or save money.  You need to have a strong why behind achieving your goal.


When you start working on a goal without a strong reason why, we often stop part way through to ask why am I even doing this in the first place.


You start to question whether what you’re doing is important and does it really matter.


This inevitability comes down to not having a strong  why.


When you don’t have a good reason why you’re doing something, you will easily give up and move on. This is why it’s crucial to know your why behind achieving your goal.


Surface level answers are usually to make more money or achieve the next level at your current job.


Those are not strong enough whys.


It is easy to give up on your goals and just be content with where you are.  It’s safe in your comfort zone of what you are used to.


An important goal has a more significant, strong why.


Think about your goal right now.  Dig deep and ask yourself what is the reason why you want to achieve this?


Really ask yourself what will it mean when you achieve your goal?  For example, I will be the first one my family to graduate with a degree, I will impact the lives of many women in need, I will be able to achieve what no one else has done, etc.


More specifically, how will your life be changed?


This question is so powerful.  Compare your life before achieving your goal and after.  Focus on the feeling.  You get swept up in that emotion of pride, a sense of accomplishment, what doors are now open, and what impact it has made.  Think about what you’ll now be able to do because of achieving your goal.


The power is in visualization.


Put an image to when your goal is achieved.


Visualize yourself in the moment of when you achieve this goal.


When you do this, you’re sending a message to your subconscious that will start working on making this a reality.



Visualize achieving your goal daily.


Focus on the feeling you have when you achieve your goal in your visualization.  That will give you a deeper meaning behind your goal.


Are there some words that come up like freedom or peace?  Use the words that come up for you as a reminder why your goal is important.


There will be times when you want to give up.  Having this strong sense of why achieving your goal is important will give you the extra motivation to keep going when you feel like quitting.




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