How To Stay Motivated Toward Reaching Your Goal

Jul 07, 2018

A question I am frequently asked is how do I stay motivated toward reaching my goal?


Here are the top 10 ways to stay motivated toward reaching your goal!


1. Have Goal Clarity

In order to stay motivated toward reaching your goal you must first have goal clarity to know exactly what is you want to accomplish.


Write down your goal where you can see it daily.  Use the home screen of your phone as a daily reminder of what you need to be focusing on.


Add measure to your goal, as in, an amount and complete date.  For example, lose 5 pounds in two weeks or graduate with my masters degree by June of next year.


Anyone will be able to tell when you’ve achieved your goal based on these parameters.




2. Aim Big But Aim Small

A lot of times a big goal seems unachievable because it’s overwhelming.  There are so many steps and you aren’t sure where to begin.


In order to stay motivated toward reaching your goal you must break your big goal down into smaller milestones.  Your bigger goal will seem more doable now that you have a sense of direction with these smaller milestones.  Achieving these smaller milestones will allow you to feel a sense of progress towards your bigger goal.


Reward yourself when you hit these smaller milestones.

Listen to a podcast, download a book, watch your favorite show, spend time with your significant other, go to a movie, etc.  It's always fun to celebrate an achievement, no matter how small it is.


4. Be Consistent With It

 Make a commitment to do one 15 minute task per day that will keep you motivated toward reaching your goal.

The hardest part is starting.  Give yourself 15 minutes toward a task.  Once you start you usually keep going.

Focus on what you can do today that will move you closer to your goal.

It's what you do consistently on a daily basis that matters.  It's not what you do every now and then.  Stick with it!


5. Stay Committed

 Things don't always move as fast as we would like them to.


Set realistic expectations for yourself.  Don’t expect to lose 10 pounds overnight.  Most people quit because it didn't happen overnight.


Be in it for the long haul.  Hold your head up and never give up because you are making progress.  It will take time, dedication, and perseverance to reach your goal.


6. Bad Days Happen

Know that bad days happen and you shouldn't let that discourage you.  We all have these days and it’s a part of life.


Don't give up on your goal just because it gets hard.  Keep going at your own pace and do what you can.  We have all be there where one slip up ruins it and you're left feeling discouraged.


At any point you can draw the line and start your day over.  You have the power to flip the script and decide to mentally make a shift toward positively focusing on achieving your goal.


A few ways I stay motivated is by listening to music, going for a walk in nature, taking an exercise class, meditation, etc.  Anything that will get you out of the negative headspace and into a positive mindset again.



7. Be Okay With The Process

It’s a journey to the top of Mt. Everest.  There are a lot of steps between where you are and the summit of where you want to be.


When you initially start you won't know everything and that's okay.


We get so wrapped up in the "HOW" we will achieve our goal that we get lost and stop taking action.  That is how we learn; by taking action and doing!


We want the quickest, shortest, most perfect route but that’s not how it works.


It's simply not a straight a line to the top.  There will be bumps and detours along the way.  Be okay with having to modify and pivot directions.


It's all a part of the process.  It will get easier with practice and patience.  Simply put one foot in front of the other each day and eventually you will get there.  Stay motivated and keep moving forward!


You may not know the direct route but you know where you are going.


8. Create Accountability

The biggest thing you can do to stay motivated toward reaching your goal is to create a community for accountability.  Surround yourself with a community of people who support you, hold you accountable toward your goal, and cheer you on along the way.


Think about what keeps you more accountable.


Do you show up more when other people are depending on you


when you make it an internal priority to yourself that you must get something done?


If you respond better to external accountability, then choose a friend or family member to check in with daily.

Make this call, email, or text about what steps you’ve taken that day toward reaching your goal.  Your accountability buddy needs to reach out to you if they haven’t heard from you.

External accountability is great for when you don’t want to let somebody else down because they're counting on you.


It could be that you need to create internal accountability.  Make it a priority to yourself that every day you must post what action you’re taking toward reaching your goal on social media.


Create accountability in the way you respond best.  That way you will stay motivated to complete a task every day that will move you closer toward goal.


9. Avoid Distractions

Distractions pop up from all over.


They call it “shiny object syndrome”.  This is where you jump from one idea to another without staying focused on one thing long enough to make it a success.


Many times we see what other people are doing that we think we need to do that too.  We get so wrapped up in comparisonitis where we look at other people to feel better about ourselves, but that rarely happens.  Instead, we get sucked into being envious of what someone else has or what they have accomplished.


The key to avoiding this is to put blinders on and run your own race.  Don’t get distracted with what you think the next best thing is or what other people are doing.


You are only in competition with yourself.


Stay focused on what you need to be doing.  Your path to success will not be the same as someone else.  You are unique.  Do not compare yourself to others.  Just be yourself and do your own personal best.


10. Have Confidence

Have courage in the face of criticism.


When you try new things or put yourself out there you will get criticism.  A lot of times people are jealous of what you have created or accomplished and it’s easier to criticize than to show support.


Have confidence in yourself and your goal.

Know that you are here for a reason.

There are no extra people on this planet.

There is no one like you.

You are meant to do something amazing!

You can do anything you set your mind to!





Remember your motivation/reason/your why.  This is your driving motivation to stay motivated toward achieving your goal when times get tough.


Get ready for the next blog post where we dive deeper into your motivation and reason why!


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